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The Issues

"People are afraid for the future of West Virginia. How will they provide for their families? Where will their kids find jobs?

West Virginia can't wait. I'm ready to get to work for you."

Safe Jobs and Fair Pay

You deserve the dignity of a job that treats you right. I stand with workers who unionize for just pay, safe working conditions, and fair treatment.


As your Delegate, I will fight to recruit investments and good-paying jobs. I support putting West Virginians to work by strengthening our roads, bridges, airport, and critical infrastructure across Raleigh and Fayette Counties.

Keep More of Our Hard-Earned Money

Charleston is sitting idle while gas, groceries, and necessities notch higher in price. I will fight the gas cartel in southern West Virginia to get rid of price-fixing and fight unnecessary taxes that make bringing goods to West Virginia more expensive.

I will fight to unlock the influx of goods to our state by partnering with local businesses, remote worker initiatives, and skills-based worker programs to bring more jobs and people home to West Virginia. 

Education & Connectivity

WV higher education ranks #50. Internet connectivity ranks #47. Teacher pay ranks #49.


We must ensure families, companies, and prospective residents have access to high-speed internet. I will work with partners including the West Virginia Broadband Enhancement Council to develop a tangible plan to increase internet access to our area.

Today, our schools are filled with permanent substitute because our teachers are leaving. As your Delegate, I will introduce legislation to ensure that not just ensures a teacher's wage, but a teacher's retirement, keeps up with the cost of living so our certified teachers stay here.


Tourism & Recreation

Travelers worldwide are discovering the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, right in our own backyard. Ranking in the top 10 travel destinations in the world, we have an incredible opportunity to invest in recreation, attract tourists, and recruit future mountaineers.


As your Delegate, I will advocate for public and private investments to build up West Virginia's recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike.


Care for Children

I will fight for more accessible access to childcare to ensure everyone can participate in the workforce. As your Delegate, I will introduce legislation to increase investment in childcare so parents aren't placed in impossible situations.

Today, the angels serving children and other victims of crime are leaving their fields due to burnout and difficult work conditions caused by insufficient funding. I will introduce legislation to increase funding for social workers and caregivers of children and other victims of violent crimes. 

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Our Duty to Veterans 🎗️

Our veterans know the price of freedom. We owe them a debt of gratitude. As your Delegate, I will advocate for the strengthening of accessible, quality care for service members who return home from military service, including for serious and debilitating mental wounds inflicted during service, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


My energy policy is "yes, and…" We deserve safe, reliable energy to power our state as much as our workers deserve safe conditions, reliable healthcare, and training for new industries coming to the state. For our national security, we must continue to invest in a diverse energy portfolio of energy – old and new – so that we do not become reliant on Chinese and other foreign energy producers.

Women's Health & Safety

Maternal mortality is holding steady due to providing women with critical healthcare. As your Delegate, I will fight to ensure that the lives of mothers are protected by having access to safe, supportive childbirth.


Additionally, I will fight to ensure domestic abuse victims have every means available to pursue justice, including the right to appeal, and to ensure they and their children are safe.


Our healthcare system needs a revamp. We must continue to protect people with preexisting conditions and those who are fighting life-threatening illnesses, including substance addiction.

Too many West Virginians have lost their lives to preventable and curable illnesses. As your Delegate, I will support legislation to expand spending on mental health and substance abuse prevention and recovery.

I will fight to expand the availability of local specialities so that patients do not have to drive hours or wait months to receive care.


Pragmatism. A Mountaineer's Promise.

If you've read this far, thank you. This promise is for you.

I vow to you to approach representing you with sensible, locally-minded representation. I'm not asking for your vote to send me to Charleston to argue philosophy or get caught up in national politics. I'm running because I care about you and want to work with you to achieve our potential.

Too many representatives make serving about them. In fact, the role of a representative is to elevate your voice and that's exactly what I plan to do. My email and phone will always be available to you. Please share your ideas, how I'm stinking and can serve you better, and your day-to-day experience so we can make West Virginia better together.


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