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Raleigh County Meet the Candidates Forum - April 21, 2022

See The Register-Herald for the full article.

Martine said he wants to create a better state for his future children to grow up in.

Martine said he was one of many West Virginians who left to find work elsewhere after school but was fortunate enough to also be brought back to his home state by a job.

To entice others in his same position to come back and to keep those already here, Martine said there needs to be more investment in public schools, high-speed broadband and help for families struggling to pay for things like child care and medication.

“What I'm really focused on is how we make West Virginia that place where people want to come to and people want to stay,” he said.

Martine said he wants to work with small businesses, vocational schools and community colleges to

“curate curriculums that ensure that if a student is going through those programs, after two or four years, they have a job waiting for them on the other end.”
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