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Tim Berry: 45th District needs fresh ideas; vote for Martine

The following editorial originally appeared in The Register-Herald on April 23, 2022.

I’ve lived in Raleigh County for 57 years and served our community as a Beckley Police Officer, coach, and councilman for the City of Beckley. As a local businessman in our area for the past 35 years, I have worked closely with the public, and you learn the needs of our citizens and what it takes to get things done from our elected officials. I feel the time has come to pass the torch of government to fresh ideas and the energy it will take to help our state evolve into the next chapter in our history.

Christian Martine smiling with arm outstretched around Tim Berry who is also smiling at the camera.
Christian Martine and Tim Berry.

This year we have an open seat for Delegate in the 45th District – a clean slate and an opportunity to move Southern West Virginia forward. I’m supporting my friend Christian Martine because he is head and shoulders above the other candidates when it comes to the skills to be an effective voice for our area.

Christian will be a champion for working people because he won’t forget his roots. He’s the son of public school educators and the grandson of a UMWA member. He’s the only candidate talking about a state gas tax holiday and ways to attract new jobs to West Virginia. His career working for major technology companies gives him the knowledge to lure good-paying jobs to our state.

I love West Virginia, and I know our state is capable of so much more. I believe we need fresh leaders like Christian Martine. He will bring locally-minded representation and common sense to our state capitol.

I’m impressed with his platform that promises jobs, improving education, accessible childcare, support for veterans, and quality health care. This is our chance to have a new voice in Charleston that will put people first and listen to our community.

Please join me in supporting Christian Martine in the May 10 Democratic primary to elect a delegate who will work for us.

Tim Berry



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